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Signs of the Last Days

Throughout Scripture we see many prophecies regarding the Last Days. Below we have compiled a list of many of the prophesied events. You can use the list to compare to events of the day and recognize signs of the the Last Days.

Scripture affirms that there are definitive signs marking the arrival of the end times. The end times or "last days" culminate in the Day of the Lord, a very special moment in time that will undoubtedly be the greatest physical/spiritual event on Earth after the creation. The Day of the Lord is, in essence, the explosive, universal heralding of the arrival of Jesus Christ to Earth as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This time Jesus comes to Earth not as a baby, quietly crying in the humility of a stable, having assumed the form of man as a means to offer him salvation, but as the unquestionable, holy and righteous power of the universe--exacting substantial judgment upon mankind at His arrival. We can actually look for the signs of the last days, having the confidence that, when we see them, we know the arrival of the King of Kings is near. Many of the signs are noted in the attachment below:

Signs of the End Times Table - 2021-08-16
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